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    Gastrectomy is a type of gastric surgery and is medically the process of removing the stomach partially or completely. Gastrectomy is often necessary to treat certain health problems or to remove cancerous tumors.

    Removal of the stomach changes the structure of the digestive system and causes significant changes in patients’ eating habits.

    Types of Gastrectomy Application

    Partial Gastrectomy

    It is only the removal of part of the stomach. This is usually a process involving removal of the tumor in situations such as stomach cancer.

    Total Gastrectomy

    It is the removal of the entire stomach. This may be necessary in cases such as stomach cancer, a high degree of weakening – chronic overweight loss, stomach ulcers, or

    excessive esophageal damage. Total gastrectomy may also include a procedure such as echophageal jejunostomy, where food is directly connected to the esophageal pipe.

    Things To Consider After Gastrectomy

    After gastrectomy, the way patients eat and their eating habits will change. It is important for patients to be carefully fed and regulate their diet, especially in patients undergoing total gastrectomy, as eating and nutrient absorption are severely affected. In addition, patients may receive additional supplements or nutritional support for nutrition, as post-gasterectomy digestive and nutrient absorption problems may occur.

    Gastrectomy is a serious surgical procedure and involves risks. Therefore, the condition of patients with gastrectomy requirements should be carefully evaluated and the surgery decision should be made by a specialist surgeon, depending on the patient’s general health condition and condition. Careful follow-up and treatment after surgery is important for the patient’s healthy recovery and regulation of nutrition.

    Operation Name Gastrectomy
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    Stay in Turkey 7 Days
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