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    Breast reduction is an aesthetic surgical procedure to reduce breast size and volume. It is widely preferred among women with large or extremely saggy breasts. Breast reduction surgery allows breasts to gain a smaller, lighter and more proportional appearance.

    Preferred Cases of Breast Reduction Surgery

    Big Breast Conditions

    It can cause physical ailments such as big breasts, shoulder

    pain, neck pain, back pain and headaches. It can also lead to skin problems such as bra straps pressing the shoulders and infiltration or irritation. Such physical ailments are factors that suggest breast reduction surgery.

    Active Life Prevention

    Big breasts can cause discomfort when doing sports or maintaining an active lifestyle. The effect of shaking or weight of the breasts during sports activities can cause discomfort and restrictions. Breast reduction surgery can be preferred to provide a more comfortable sports experience and to facilitate active lifestyle.

    Bad Body Stance

    Big breasts can affect body posture. The weight of extremely large breasts can affect the spine and shoulders, causing posture disorders. Breast reduction surgery can be preferred to provide a better posture and body balance.

    Psychological Discomfort

    Having large breasts can cause psychological discomfort for some women. Breast size affects one’s self-confidence, self-distrust, social shyness, and restrictions on clothing preferences can lead to problems. Breast reduction surgery aims to eliminate psychological ailments by increasing one’s satisfaction.

    Breast reduction surgery is preferred in cases where breast size creates physical and psychological discomfort. The condition of each individual is different, so it is important to undergo a detailed evaluation and consultation process with a plastic surgeon for breast reduction surgery. Your surgeon will guide you to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you and meet your expectations.

    Which Steps Are Traced in Breast Reduction Surgery?

    Evaluation and Planning

    An evaluation and consultation process with a plastic surgeon is done to evaluate the patient’s goals, breast size, shape, degree of sagging, and overall health. The surgeon understands the patient’s expectations and determines the most appropriate techniques and approach for breast reduction surgery.


    Breast reduction surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. This means that the patient was put to sleep during surgery and did not feel any pain or discomfort. However, in some cases, local anesthesia or sedation may also be preferred. The type of anesthesia is determined depending on the general health of the patient and the preference of the surgeon.

    Making Appropriate Cuts

    In breast reduction surgery, cuts are made from suitable places on the breast. Cuts can usually lie under the breast, around the nipple and under the steep breast to the nipple. The surgeon places the incisions correctly to correct the breast size and shape.

    Extraction of Excess Tap

    The surgeon removes much of the breast tissue. This reduces the breast size and is necessary to get a more proportional appearance. The surgeon removes excess fat, gland and skin texture inside the breast tissue, making the breast smaller and tighter.

    Regulating The Breast Structure

    After removing excess tissue, the breast structure is reshaped. The surgeon supports and repositiones breast tissue to improve the shape and position of the breast. The nipple is moved up and provided with a younger look.

    Closing Cuts and Aftercare

    Cuts made during breast reduction surgery are carefully closed. The stitches are usually of the type that gets absorbed, so they do not need to be removed later. The surgeon does the bandages appropriately for the surgery site. Bandages help protect the surgery area and reduce the risk of infection.

    Recovery Process After Breast Reduction Surgery

    An improvement process is expected after breast reduction surgery. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions, follow the aftercare of bandages regularly and restrict physical activities. The full recovery process may vary depending on the person’s body structure, ability to heal, and techniques applied by the surgeon.

    Operation Name Breast Reduction
    Hospital Stay 1 Day
    Stay in Turkey 6 Days
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