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    Teeth whitening is the process of lightening the teeth and getting a whiter look. Teeth can lose their colors and get yellow over time for various reasons. Teeth whitening methods help teeth return to their natural color or get a whiter look.

    Teeth Whitening Methods

    At Home Teeth Whitening

    At Home teeth whitening refers to the self-applied methods of tooth whitening at home. Such dental whitening methods can be carried out through products prescribed by dentists or sold in pharmacies. Household teeth whitening methods can be more cost effective and provide ease of use.

    At Home Teeth Whitening Methods

    Teeth Whitening Gels

    Teeth whitening gels are gel-form whitening agents placed


    in special trays. Trays are attached to the teeth and are often used at night or at certain times. The duration of treatment can usually take several days or weeks.

    Teeth Whitening Strips

    Teeth whitening strips are transparent adhesive strips placed on the front surface of the teeth. These strips contain whitening agents and are used for a certain period of time.

    Teeth Whitening Pens

    Teeth whitening pens allow you to apply whitening gel directly to the tooth surface. The application is quite easy and allows targeting of stains on the teeth.

    Activating Lamps

    Some tooth whitening products can be activated with special light or laser to accelerate the effect of whitening gels. Activating lamps aim to achieve faster results by speeding up the whitening process.

    At home teeth whitening methods often require regular use and correct follow-up of instructions. However, it should be noted that tooth whitening products may not have the same effect on all teeth and may cause sensitivity or other side effects in some people. Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable and safe product in consultation with a dentist prior to the teeth whitening process.

    In addition, results obtained by at home teeth whitening methods may not be as effective as professional dentist whitening methods. If faster and more obvious results are desired, office whitening methods by the dentist can be evaluated.

    Office Teeth Whitening Method Done By Dentist

    These methods include professional teeth whitening processes applied in the clinic of dentists. Office whitening by the dentist is more preferred than home methods in terms of achieving faster and more effective results.

    In-Gum Whitening

    The dentist activates with a special light or laser by applying whitening gel to the tooth surface.

    Laser Whitening

    The dentist applies whitening gel to the tooth surface and then speeds up the whitening process using laser light.

    The important point to remember is that teeth whitening may not be suitable for everyone. Factors such as the causes of spots on the teeth and the tooth structure can affect the effectiveness of the whitening method. Therefore, if the teeth whitening process is considered, the most appropriate method and treatment plan should be determined in consultation with a dentist.

    In addition, it is important to maintain the whitening results for a long time with regular dental care and proper eating habits after teeth whitening.