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    Eyebrow lift aesthetics is a surgical procedure to correct the sagging in the forehead and eye area and to make the eyebrows look younger and more raised. This process is generally preferred to correct the low eyebrow caused by the aging process or established facial mimics.

    Eyebrow Lifting Aesthetic Methods

    Forehead Lift

    During the forehead lift process, the height of the eyebrows can be increased by removing the skin and muscles in the forehead area. This process also allows correction of forehead wrinkles and sagging.

    Endoscopic eyebrow lift

    In this method, very small incisions are made and skin and muscles are visualized using an endoscope (camera). The surgeon works with special tools to raise the muscles and make the eyebrows more raised. This method is less invasive and needs smaller incisions.

    Direct eyebrow lift

    In this method, cuts are made on the skin in areas with low eyebrows. The surgeon passes through these incisions, raising the eyebrows and removing excess skin when necessary. This method provides a more pronounced lifting.

    An improvement process is expected after eyebrow lifting aesthetics. The first few days may be swelling, bruising and mild pain. When the healing process is completed, a younger and more energetic appearance is usually achieved.

    As with any surgical procedure, eyebrow lifting aesthetics also involve some risks. These can be infection, wound healing problems, loss of sensation, scars or post-surgical complications. Therefore, if you are considering this procedure, it is important to discuss with an experienced plastic surgeon and discuss the risks and benefits in detail.