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    Arm lift is a surgical process for the correction of sagging skin and tissues inside the arms. Arm lift is generally preferred to correct or decrease the sagging of the arms due to the aging process, weight loss or genetic factors. The main purpose of arm stretching aesthetics is to have a tighter and aesthetic arm

    Reasons for Arm Lift

    Aging and Loss Of Skin Elasticity

    With the aging process, skin elasticity decreases and the skin begins to sag. The skin inside the arms can also be affected and sag over time.

    Sagging After Weight Loss

    When a overweight person loses weight, they may lose skin tightness and sag on the inside part of the arms. This may be more pronounced, especially after rapid weight loss.

    Genetic Relevance

    Some people may be genetically prone to skin sagging on the inside of the arms. This situation may become more evident with the aging process and weight loss.

    Arm lift is usually done under local or general anesthesia. In the operation, excess skin and adipose tissue are removed inside the arms and the arms are made to gain a tighter appearance.

    Like tummy tuck or tummy lift, arm stretching aesthetics may not be suitable for every patient as it is a surgical procedure. If you want to have arm lift, you should express your personal situation and expectations correctly in consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon.

    Your doctor will determine the most suitable arm lift technique and ensure that the operation is carried out without risk.

    Operation Name Arm Lift
    Hospital Stay 1 Day
    Stay in Turkey 5 Days
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