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    Abdominal aesthetics, also medically called abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure to correct excess skin and adipose tissue in the abdomen. The main purpose of abdominal aesthetics is to achieve a tighter and smoother abdominal area.

    What Problems Are Expressed With Abdominalplasty/Tummy Tuck Aesthetics?

    Sagging and Looseness in the Abdominal Area

    Factors such as pregnancy, weight changes, or aging can cause skin and muscles to sag and relax in the abdomen. Abdominalplasty corrects the saggy skin and muscles, providing a tighter and aesthetic abdominal appearance.

    Correction of Postpartum Abdominal Shape

    During pregnancy, the abdominal area expands and flexes, but after birth, skin and muscles may not be restored. Abdominal stretching helps to regain a smoother abdominal profile by correcting postpartum changes.

    Reduction of Accumulating Oils in the Abdominal Region

    Accumulated fat stores in the abdomen may not be corrected even with diet and exercise. Abdominal stretching aesthetics can help reduce these stubborn fat deposits and

    achieve a more contoured abdomen appearance.

    Correcting Cracks

    Abdominal stretching can reduce the appearance of cracks by taking or correcting the skin area with cracks. Aesthetic problems in the abdomen can make some people feel insecure. A smoother and fir obtained as a result of abdominal stretching aesthetics can increase one’s self-confidence.

    Abdominal aesthetics are usually done under general anesthesia, and the duration of surgery may vary depending on the patient’s condition and the desired corrected areas. During the process, excess fat and skin under the abdominal skin are removed, the muscles at the bottom are tightened and the abdominal area is more tightly and properly reshaped.

    Abdominal stretching aesthetics may not be suitable for every patient as it is a surgical procedure. Therefore, if you think you are a potential candidate for abdominoplasty, you can consult with an experienced plastic surgeon to request an accurate assessment of your personal situation and expectations.

    Your doctor will determine the most suitable abdominal stretching technique and ensure that the operation is carried out without risk. It is also important to pay attention to the post-operative recovery process appropriately.

    Operation Name Abdominoplasti-Tummy Tuck
    Hospital Stay 1 Day
    Stay in Turkey 8 Days
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