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    Eyelid lift is a surgical process for correcting sagging, bagging or wrinkles on the upper or lower eyelids. This process is done to get a younger and more dynamic appearance or to improve the field of vision.

    Eyelid Aesthetics Applied in Two Different Shapes

    Upper Eyelid Aesthetics

    In this process, sagging or baggy skin and adipose tissue on the upper eyelids are removed. The surgeon makes the cut along the natural fold of the eyelid so that the marks become less noticeable. This process corrects the sagging in the eyelid, providing a younger and more alert look.

    Lower Eyelid Aesthetics

    This process also fixes the bagging or wrinkles formed on the lower eyelids. The surgeon corrects the sagged skin and adipose tissue by making a small cut inside or under the lower eyelids. If necessary, excess fat can be taken or the skin around the eyes can be reshaped.
    Eyelid lift is usually done under local anesthesia, but in some cases general anesthesia may also be preferred. After the procedure, there may be a slight swelling, bruising and discomfort for several days. When the healing process is completed, a fresher, younger and more vibrant eye area is obtained.

    Aesthetic and Functional Advantages of Eyelid Aesthetics

    Young and Dynamic View

    During the aging process, skin sagging and under-eye bags may appear around the eyes. Eyelid aesthetics can help you get a younger and more dynamic look by correcting these problems.

    Expansion of the Visual Space

    The dangling upper eyelid can narrow your field of vision over time and lead to visual restrictions. Blepharoplasty can contribute to the expansion of your visual field by correcting the upper eyelids.

    Decreasing Tired and Sad Appearance in the Eyes

    Under-eye bags and bumps can make the person look tired and sad. Eyelid lift can help achieve a more vivid and rested expression by correcting this situation.

    Better Application of Makeup

    Droopy upper eyelids can make it difficult to apply makeup properly. Aesthetic eyelid surgery can make makeup better and easier to apply.

    Increased Confidence

    Satisfaction with your appearance can negatively affect your self-confidence. The younger, lively and aesthetic appearance obtained as a result of eyelid lift can increase one’s self-confidence.

    Permanent Results

    Eyelid lift provides permanent results. A properly performed operation can continue its impact for many years.

    Easy and Rapid Recovery After Surgery

    Eyelid lift is a surgical procedure that is usually at low risk of complications. The postoperative recovery process is fast and can often be skipped with minimal discomfort.

    Eyelid aesthetics may not be suitable for every patient as it is a surgical procedure. Therefore, if you are a potential eyelid lift – blepharoplasty candidate, it is important to ensure that your personal situation and expectations are properly evaluated in consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon.