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    Neck lift is a surgical operation to correct saggy or wrinkled skin and muscles caused by aging process and weight loss. Neck lift is a process that corrects sagging, wrinkle and fat deposits in the neck area, aiming to get a younger and more aesthetic look by tightening the relaxed skin.

    Advantages of Neck lift

    Stangling Skin and Muscles are Tightened

    The aging process can cause relaxation and sagging in the skin and muscles in the neck. This can lead to a look called “turkey neck. Neck lift helps correct these sagging and get a tighter and younger look of the neck area.

    Jaw and Neck Line look more defined

    Due to aging and weight changes, the jaw line and neck line may become obscure. Neck lift provides a more pronounced and aesthetic definition of the chin and neck area.

    Neck Wrinkles are Removed

    Aging and sun damage can cause wrinkles in the neck area. Neck lift can correct these wrinkles to provide a smoother skin look.

    Lower Jaw and Neck Tightened

    With the effect of losing skin elasticity and gravity, the lower jaw and neck area can sag. Neck stretching aesthetics contribute to a tighter and aesthetic appearance by correcting the sagging in these regions.

    Enables Increased Self-Confidence

    Aesthetic problems in the neck area can negatively affect some people’s self-confidence. The younger, dynamic and aesthetic appearance obtained as a result of neck stretching aesthetics can increase one’s self-confidence.

    Offers More Compatible Appearance

    Incompatibilities between the face area and the neck can create a sense of aesthetic imbalance. Neck stretching aesthetics ensure a more harmonious appearance by ensuring harmony between other parts of the face and the neck.

    For these reasons, neck lift is a popular option among those who want to correct the signs of aging in the neck area and get a younger, aesthetic and dynamic appearance. However, as with any surgical procedure, a comprehensive consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon should be made, taking into account the overall health status and expectations of a potential candidate.

    How to Make Neck lift?

    Neck lift is done under general anesthesia and sedation. This ensures that the patient is comfortable and painless. The surgeon cuts with hidden hair stitches in the neck area, starting in the hairy skin or behind the ear. These incisions are usually located in as invisible areas as possible.

    The surgeon carefully removes the skin in the neck area and the tissues under it. This way, the relaxed muscles are tightened and the dangling skin is lifted. During the neck lifting process, it can also be reshaped or corrected neck muscles when necessary. This helps the neck area gain a younger and more tense look.

    After the procedure is completed, the surgeon carefully closes the incisions. This is usually done using hair stitches or skin adhesives. A recovery process is expected, which can take several weeks after neck lift. In the first few days, there may be mild pain, swelling and bruising in the neck area. When wound healing is complete, a tighter, younger and more aesthetic neck appearance is usually achieved.

    As with any surgical procedure, neck lift can also involve some risks. These can be infection, wound healing problems, loss of sensation, scars or post-surgical complications. Therefore, if you are considering this procedure, it is important to discuss with an experienced plastic surgeon and discuss the risks and benefits in detail.

    Operation Name Neck Lift
    Hospital Stay 1-2 Day
    Stay in Turkey 8 Day
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