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    Composite filling is an aesthetic filling type used in dentistry. It is often used in the treatment of cavities or fractures of the teeth and in correcting aesthetic problems in the teeth. Composite filling allows the damaged part of the tooth to be restored using a filling material suitable for the natural color of the tooth.

    Composite filling is created by combining inorganic fillers such as glass or quartz with resin-composite. This filling material is matched by dentists in the most appropriate way to the natural color of the tooth using special color scales. In this way, the natural appearance of the filled teeth is preserved and the environment is ensured to be compatible with the teeth.

    Composite Filling Application

    The dentist cleans the damaged part of the decayed or broken tooth and prepares it appropriately. A special bonding agent is applied to the prepared surface of the tooth. This agent ensures that the composite filling is firmly attached to the tooth.

    The prepared composite filling material is applied in layers on the tooth and each layer is hardened with a special light. This step increases the durability and durability of the filling.

    The applied composite filling is shaped and polished in accordance with the natural shape of the tooth. In this way, the aesthetic appearance of the tooth is completed.

    Advantages of Composite Fillers

    • It increases the strength of the tooth as it is firmly attached to the tooth.
    • It is more environmentally friendly than other types of fillings and it is metal-free.
    • It is matched in accordance with the natural color of the tooth and provides an aesthetic appearance.
    • Composite filling material can be shaped in accordance with the natural tooth shape.

    Composite fillings are less durable than metal fillers and can wear over time. It is therefore important that the dentist monitors the filling status during regular checks and makes a filling change when necessary.