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    Jaw aesthetics are surgical or non-surgical procedures performed to improve the shape and appearance of the jaw. These procedures aim to correct the size, contour, ratio and symmetry of the jaw.

    Jaw Surgery Applications

    Jaw Reduction Surgery

    People with a large jaws may prefer to have a jaw reduction, a surgical intervention can be done to reduce certain areas of the jaw bone. This procedure is usually done to balance the size of the chin or soften the face lines.

    Jaw Augmentation

    Jaw- Augmentation, people with jaws that are weak or backward can be surgically placed in jaw implants or bone grafts to enlarge jaw bones. This procedure makes the jaw more pronounced.

    Jaw Implant

    Synthetic implants placed in jaw bones are used to make the jaw implant, jaw line more pronounced. This procedure helps correct the size and shape of the chin.

    Non-Surgical Jaw Aesthetic Applications

    Botox Injection

    Botox injection, a non-surgical option, can help temporarily correct the size and shape of the jaw muscles. Botox weakens the jaw muscles and can make the jaw line look thinner or more pronounced.

    Filler Injection

    Filler injections and fillers can be used to correct volume loss in the chin area or to improve the jaw line. Filler injections can be used to clarify the jaw contour and make the chin look more attractive.

    It is important to contact a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to determine which of these procedures are suitable for you. A specialist evaluates your expectations and can recommend the most appropriate treatment options for you. You will also need to discuss issues such as risks, recovery process and cost.