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    Breast augmentation is an aesthetic surgery procedure to increase breast volume. It is preferred among women for reasons such as feeling that the breast size is small, losing natural breast size or breast asymmetry.

    Reasons for Breast Augmentation

    Finding Their Breast Size Small

    Some women can naturally have small breasts and want a fuller breast appearance. Breast augmentation increases

    breast volume, allowing to have breasts of the desired size and fullness. This can make women feel more compatible with their bodies and increase their satisfaction.

    Losing Natural Breast Size

    Factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or aging can cause losses and sagging in breast tissue. In this case, women may choose breast augmentation to restore a fuller and younger appearance of their breasts.

    Breast Asymmetry

    Breast asymmetry refers to the differences between the size, shape and position of the two breasts. Some women may consider breast enlargement surgery due to the aesthetic imbalance caused by breast asymmetry.

    Breast enlargement surgery can be used to balance breast size and shape and provide a more symmetrical breast appearance.

    Breast Reconstruction

    When one or both breasts are lost as a result of breast cancer or other traumatic events, breast enlargement surgery can be performed for breast reconstruction. The breast enlargement procedure allows the reconstruction of the breast or breasts lost by using breast implants. This can help patients regain their body image and self-confidence.

    Personal Treatment Method Is Determined

    Breast augmentation may differ depending on personal preferences and needs. It is important that each individual undergo a detailed evaluation and consultation process with a plastic surgeon before surgery. In this process, the surgeon understands the patient’s goals, evaluates physical properties and determines the most appropriate treatment plan.

    Implant Selection in Breast Augmentation

    Implants used in breast augmentation are artificial devices used to increase breast volume and provide a fuller breast appearance. Implants usually consist of shells containing silicone or a solution made of salt and water.

    Silicone Implants

    Silicone implants are implants made with silicone gel filling in a silicone shell. Silicone implants are often preferred because they mimic natural breast tissue and sensation. Silicone gel has a semi-solid structure and does not dissipate in liquid form.

    Saltwater Implants

    Saltwater implants are implants consisting of silicone shells containing a solution made with salt and water (steryl saline). Saltwater implants are less commonly preferred

    than silicone implants. Saltwater solution is considered safer as it can be absorbed and discarded in the body.

    Round Implants

    Round implants are one of the most common implant shapes used to increase breast volume and fullness. Round implants create more volume at the top of the breast tissue so that the breast gets a fuller and rounded look.

    Natural Silicone Teardrop Implants

    Natural silicone teardrop implants are implants used to mimic the natural breast shape. These implants have a

    teardrop shape with a thinner upper part and a fuller lower part. This shape is used to get a breast natural look.

    Profile Selection

    Breast enlargement implants also have different profiles. The implant profile refers to the ratio between the height and width of the implant. The lower profile provides a more natural look, while the higher profile provides more fullness and projection. Profile selection is made depending on the patient’s anatomy, targeted outcome, and the surgeon’s recommendations.

    Implant selection is made taking into account the person’s breast structure, body measures, aesthetic goals and the recommendations of the surgeon. Therefore, it is important to get detailed information about the implant options by going through a detailed consultation process with a plastic surgeon prior to breast enlargement surgery. Your surgeon will guide you to identify the most suitable implant for you and meet your expectations.

    Breast Augmentation Process

    Evaluation and Planning

    Before breast augmentation, an evaluation and consultation process is carried out with a plastic surgeon. In this process, the surgeon evaluates the breast size, shape, symmetry and patient’s goals.

    The patient’s health status and medical history are also taken into account. The surgeon determines the most suitable techniques and implant options for breast enlargement. A plan is created in line with the patient’s expectations and the surgeon’s recommendations.


    Breast augmentation is usually performed under general anesthesia. This means that the patient is put to sleep during surgery and does not feel any pain or discomfort. However, in some cases, local anesthesia and sedation can also be used. The type of anesthesia is determined depending on the general health of the patient and the preference of the surgeon.

    Making Of The Cuts

    In breast augmentation procedure, cuts are made from suitable places on the breast for the access of the surgeon. Cuts can usually be made under the breast, around the nipple or in the armpit area. The size and location of the incisions are determined by the patient’s anatomy and preferences.

    Implant Selection and Placement

    The most common method used for breast augmentation is the surgical placement of silicone or brine filled breast prostheses. Prostheses can be placed under or behind breast tissue. Implant selection is determined by factors such as the patient’s breast tissue, body structure, targeted size and shape. The surgeon ensures that the implant is placed in the correct size, shape and position.

    Stitches and Wounds

    After the implantation is complete, the incisions are carefully closed. The stitches are usually of the type that are absorbed, so they do not need to be removed later. The surgeon dress appropriately for the surgery site. Dressing helps protect the surgery area and reduce the risk of infection.

    Recovery Process

    After breast enhancement surgery, a healing process is expected, which can take several days. In the first few days, swelling, bruise and mild pain may be felt. It is important that you regularly clean the surgery area and follow the dressings, following your doctor’s instructions.

    You may need to avoid physical activities for a certain period in your recovery. The full recovery process may vary depending on one’s body structure and ability to heal.

    Breast augmentation can be customized according to the individual needs and preferences of the patient. Your doctor will inform you in detail before surgery and give instructions on what you need to pay attention to after surgery. It is also important to carry out regular check ups and regularly provide feedback to your surgeon during the recovery process.

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