Invictus Health Advisor

Travel Towards Wellness

As Invictus Tourism Congress and Organization Services Limited Company, the “Every problem has a solution” statement that we learned while looking for solutions to the problems that arise in all matters in the organizations and meetings we have held for 50 years is our basic principle.

As Invictus Health Advisor our experience in the tourism industry in Turkey’s health tourism is done in cooperation with the most respected health institutions in Turkey like; hair transplantation, aesthetic surgery, in oral and dental treatments,bariatric surgery, we provide health services in Istanbul with our professional team in the international health tourism organization and dental treatments with bariatric surgery.

Contracted hospitals, clinics and medical centers, where we work as a solution partner, have internationally valid certificates. with our health services to our guests coming to Turkey; We offer health tourism services such as transfer, accommodation and consultancy.

We have a health organization that offers effective solutions and top quality

service to meet the expectations and wishes of our Invictus Health Advisor patients. We offer our patients the best price advantages, prevent long waiting times and give you health, beauty and holiday gifts in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world..

In order to ensure reliability in health tourism, the Turkish Ministry of Health requires intermediary service organisations such as us and health institutions to fulfil certain competence criteria. Organisations that can fulfil these criteria are entitled to receive the International Health Tourism Authorisation Certificate and prove that they are a reliable organisation in the sector.

Why a Health Tourism Agency?

Because we offer the flexibility to choose from many alternatives in transportation, accommodation and most importantly treatments, we give boutique service and accessibility to fewer patients.

Alternative Treatment Opportunities

With the flexibility of choice, we choose the doctor and hospital that suits you best in the different location and fee scale, which we should agree with without leaving you only in agreement with a hospital, clinic or doctor. With many of the clinics you see while browsing the Internet, we should agree as an agent and arrange what suits you best.

Boutique and Special Service for You

When you think about the traffic that is every day in hospitals and clinics with our understanding of boutique service, we have hundreds of domestic and foreign patients to deal with, we only provide more special services to patients from abroad with our specialized consultants.

25 Years of Tourism Experience

With our more than 25 years of tourism experience, we offer a smooth, comfortable and safe health journey. We are aware that health trips are not just about hospital transactions. We would also like to remind you that we have tourism services where you can get all kinds of guidance services with good and trouble-free hotel accommodation, comfortable transfer, experience in a city you do not know.

Treatment and Holiday Facilities in Istanbul

In the healing process, if you came for doctor control or dental treatment, wouldn’t you want to visit Istanbul, which has hosted 3 empires, until your prostheses or coatings leave the laboratory? Moreover, the holiday plus treatment you need in Istanbul is cheaper than the treatment price only in many western countries.

We Have Approved Health Tourism Authority Document of Ministry of Health

As an agency, we have a health tourism authorization document issued by the ministry. We are regularly supervised by the ministry and work only with hospitals, doctors and organizations that have the authority to do health tourism.

Perfect Treatment Plan and Rapid Recovery Times Waiting for You

A single location, without being restricted to a single clinic everywhere in Turkey, you can contact us with our contact information to plan more freely. Our free healthcare provider will ask you a few questions and request some information, and share them with our doctors and draw the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

If you wish, the airport will be set by us, speaking in your language, during your transfer, accommodation, treatment and treatment, including your flight ticket. We will check you after you happily send your home to your home and return home, where you are treated in a country you do not know.

We are waiting for you in Türkiye!