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    Hollywood Smile

    Hollywood smile refers to the stunning smile that famous Hollywood stars often have, where the teeth has a white, smooth, symmetrical and aesthetic look. This smile is often characterized by the fact that the teeth are bright and white, a regular and aesthetic alignment between the teeth, and the gums look smooth and healthy.

    With the ‘Hollywood Smile’ smile design, you are provided with aesthetic, symmetrical and white teeth, a healthy appearance on your teeth and gums. In the smile design, a more energetic and young look is targeted with a correct mouth closure and a half-mon or moon-shaped smile line.

    Different aesthetic dental treatments and practices are performed to get the Hollywood smile. Some common methods for Hollywood smile are:

    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth whitening methods are used to lighten the teeth color and get a whiter look.

    Laminate Veneer

    Porcelain layers are attached to the front surface of the teeth, correcting the color, shape and size of the teeth. This method is preferred to correct irregular teeth and improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

    Porcelain Crowns

    Porcelain crowns are used for teeth that are extremely damaged or intended to change the tooth color. These crowns allow the teeth to be repaired aesthetically and durably.

    Orthodontic Treatment

    Orthodontic treatments ( bracket, transparent plaques ) are

    used for alignment of the teeth that are crooked.

    Gingivoplasty and Gingivectomy

    To correct the irregular appearance of the gums, gum aesthetics (ingivoplasty) or gum cut (ingivectomy ) can be performed to correct gingivic surpluses.

    Implant Treatment

    If there are dental losses that disrupt dental aesthetics, they can be improved with implant therapy.

    Dental treatments used to achieve Hollywood smile can vary depending on each individual’s dental structure, needs and goals. A dentist will establish the most appropriate treatment plan after evaluating the patient’s oral health and aesthetic needs.

    The important point to remember is that everyone’s aesthetic smile may be different, and it is important to follow the dentist’s recommendations to achieve the most natural and appropriate result.

    Hollywood Smile Advantages

    Hollywood smile is a stunning smile style in which the teeth have a white, smooth, symmetrical and aesthetic look. This aesthetic smile has many advantages, and some of the following are:

    Aesthetic Appearance

    With Hollywood smile, your teeth have a white, smooth and aesthetic look. This helps to achieve a beautiful and attractive smile.

    Increases Self-esteem

    Aesthetic smile can increase individuals’ self-confidence. The fact that the teeth look beautiful makes people feel better and don’t have to hide their smiles.

    Improves Communication

    An aesthetic smile can improve social relationships and have a positive impact on communication. When people have a more attractive smile, their interactions can be more positive and reassuring.

    Professional Appearence

    Hollywood smile provides a more professional look in business and social environment. Especially in the business environment, a beautiful smile can have a positive effect and improve business relationships.

    Long Term Solution

    Aesthetic dental treatments such as laminate veneers and porcelain crowns can be long-lasting. Hollywood smile can last for many years when proper care is taken and the dentist’s recommendations are followed.

    Reduces the Effect of Colorful Food and Beverages

    White teeth obtained by teeth whitening methods can reduce the negative effects of colored food and drinks and help maintain the color of the teeth. Reduces the Effect of Colorful Food and Beverages.

    Hollywood smile applications depend on personal preferences and may not be suitable for every individual. While planning treatment, the dentist evaluates the patients oral health and recommends appropriate treatment options.

    Since everyone has different dental structures and needs, the treatment plan is determined individually. Therefore, it is important to consult a dentist with the thought of Hollywood smile or other aesthetic dental treatments.