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What are the Advantages of Getting Dental Treatment in Türkiye?

Some advantages of having dental treatment in Türkiye may be:

Economical Prices: Türkiye is known as an affordable destination for dental treatment. Dental treatment costs are generally lower than in Western Europe and North America. This may be an attractive option for patients from abroad.

High Quality Treatment: There are many modern and high-standard dental clinics and hospitals in Türkiye. In these facilities equipped in accordance with international standards, quality service is provided by experienced dentists.

Experienced Dentists: Türkiye has a rich resource in terms of dentists. There are many experienced and trained dentists throughout the country.

Modern Technology: Dental clinics and hospitals in Türkiye have the latest equipment necessary for modern dental treatment. This increases the quality of treatment.

Fast Treatment Times: Dental treatment in Türkiye can be completed faster than in other countries. This can reduce time and travel costs for patients coming from abroad.

Touristic Travel Opportunity: Türkiye is famous for its historical and cultural riches, beautiful beaches and delicious food. During or after dental treatment, patients may have the opportunity to explore the country’s tourist attractions.

English Support: Many dental clinics and hospitals in Türkiye offer English-speaking staff and interpreters for international patients, making communication easier.

Easy access: Türkiye is easily accessible from many countries. Many major cities are connected by international flights and transportation options are extensive.

However, if you are considering dental treatment, you should first determine your needs and expectations regarding your dental health and contact a specialist dentist. You should also research among dental clinics and hospitals in Türkiye and choose a reliable healthcare institution.

Türkiye has risen very rapidly in health tourism in recent years and has become one of the top health tourism destinations. In health tourism, dental treatments are among the most demanded treatments in Europe and America.

In Türkiye, which is also a tourism paradise, it has started to be marketed by combining the concept of dental treatments and summer holidays. This approach led to the opening of many dental clinics, especially in coastal areas, and the “Hollywood Smile” concept becoming widespread and attracting attention.

Although this concept has become popular and is in high demand, it has worrying aspects in terms of dentistry and dental health.

Does it make sense to combine dental treatment and vacation?

Our patients who come from abroad to Turkey for dental treatment generally come for major treatments such as implants, smile design, and full mouth crowns. Such treatments, especially if they require surgical treatments, are situations where recovery must be monitored and rules must be followed during the treatment process.

For example; A patient undergoing tooth extraction and implant treatment should definitely stay away from sun and heat. Likewise, a patient who has full mouth crown treatment has serious restrictions on eating and drinking during the treatment process. In such cases, combining vacation and treatment jeopardizes the success of the treatment. For this reason, in terms of health, it is not right to combine vacation and treatment, especially in the summer months.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Doing Research About Dental Treatment in Türkiye?

There are always many elements to consider in your clinical research. Moreover, if you are considering treatment abroad, other criteria are added to these. Although the health tourism sector is a sector that arises from price advantage, it is a mistake to put the price criterion first in the priority list when choosing a clinic. Clinics in different segments have different pricing policies and there are many factors within the pricing system that determine this.

First of all, it is very important that the clinic you choose is experienced and has past references. This criterion shows us that it is an institution that works consistently, monitors the treatment they provide, and can provide you with solutions when you experience any problems.

Avoid places that make unrealistic promises!

A very frequently asked question in dental treatments is the “guarantee” of the treatment. First of all, you must accept that you are not purchasing an item before having your dental treatment, it is a treatment and prosthesis applied to your body. Of course, ethically, it is not right to ask you to pay again for a restoration that breaks shortly after it is made, but no one can give a “lifetime guarantee” for a treatment. First of all, the duration of the treatment is determined by the patient’s care and regular check-ups.

Make Protecting Your Natural Teeth Your Priority

When you go to another country for treatment, it is your natural right to want to be informed about the price in advance. However, it is not possible to give you a definitive treatment plan without a physical examination. In order to get the closest information about the treatment that will take place, you should express your expectations from the treatment in detail by taking photos showing your teeth in detail with the front camera of your phone, along with the panoramic x-ray you will take in your country.

If the treatment plan given to you is to completely cut and cover your healthy teeth or to extract all your teeth and place implants, we recommend that you think twice before accepting such treatments. The priority should always be to protect your natural teeth.

For example; Cutting and crowning your teeth just to change their aesthetic appearance may lead to serious gum problems and tooth loss in the future, especially if you are young. Instead, more minimal treatments such as composite or porcelain laminates should be preferred. With these treatments, more natural aesthetic results are achieved and your dental health is protected.

Take Risk of Coming to Türkiye Again

After your dental treatment is completed, it is very important to have your dental care and scaling every six months. Of course, it may not be possible for you to come to Türkiye every six months, but our recommendation is that you make follow-up appointments with the doctor who treats you at least once a year and stay in constant communication with the clinic where you receive the treatment. Because dental treatments are dynamic treatments that are based on mutual cooperation, where changes may occur along the way and you may experience various developments after the treatment. That’s why it is very important to choose an institution with which you can establish a relationship of mutual trust during this journey and that can solve your problems when you return.

Türkiye is a country with highly qualified physicians, well-equipped and developed in terms of health. If you can find a place that does its job well, uses quality materials and attaches importance to ethical values, considering the above criteria, you can spend many years with the dental treatments you have had in Türkiye.

The information contained in the site content is to inform those who visit our website. This information does not replace the doctor’s examination of the patient for medical purposes or diagnosis.

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