Aesthetics in Türkiye

Türkiye Offers Great Advantages for Your Aesthetic Operations

Türkiye is among the top 5 countries with the highest rate of foreign patients in aesthetic applications.

In its latest global survey, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) reports a significant increase in plastic surgery worldwide. ISAPS data reveals that total surgical and non-surgical procedures in aesthetic applications increased by 11.2%. Türkiye is among the top 10 most preferred countries in terms of aesthetic applications.

Among the countries with the highest rate of foreign patients, Mexico, Colombia, Thailand and Türkiye lead the way. Google search trends prove this. People frequently search for answers to questions about plastic surgery on Google, such as “What is the price of plastic surgery in Türkiye?” and “Is plastic surgery safe in Türkiye?”

Which aesthetic procedures are most preferred in Türkiye?

The most common plastic surgeries performed in Türkiye are hair transplantation, nose surgeries, liposuction, body shaping surgeries, breast augmentation surgeries, eyelid surgeries and dental treatments.

There is also a great increase in non-surgical procedures in Türkiye. Chief among these are botox, filler applications and thread suspension applications. These procedures are frequently preferred because it is possible to return to daily life immediately with non-surgical procedures.

Why should Türkiye be preferred for aesthetic operations?

Türkiye is a very experienced and advantageous country for health tourism and aesthetic operations.


  • Türkiye advanced health system is well above world standards.
  • There are many experienced plastic surgeons in Türkiye who have proven themselves all over the world and have academic careers.
  • Türkiye health tourism price advantages are quite affordable compared to many countries.
  • There are personalized consultancy services in Türkiye, each patient is special.
  • Transportation network and accommodation services are quite developed in Türkiye.
  • You do not have to wait a long time to get treatment in Türkiye.
  • The number of modern health institutions in Türkiye is quite high.
  • Türkiye is a country with a geographically central location and very easy transportation.
  • Türkiye; It is a paradise in terms of summer, winter, thermal, wellness, culture and nature tourism. Every year, millions of tourists choose Türkiye for holiday.
  • Physicians in Türkiye follow all health-related trends and can implement the necessary technological innovations.
  • In Türkiye, every patient is special, the services provided are personalized and of superior quality.

In Türkiye, you can have your aesthetic applications done with high quality and at very affordable prices.

Health tourists from all over the world prefer countries like Türkiye that offer affordable, high-quality services. The general reason for this is that healthcare services are very expensive in western countries. Therefore, middle-income people prefer abroad, especially for aesthetic procedures. Especially since hair transplantation, plastic surgery, dental and eye treatments are not included in health policies, affordable countries are preferred. Türkiye is frequently preferred for aesthetic operations due to its large number of modern hospitals and clinics and well-equipped specialist physicians.

You can turn your aesthetic treatment into a holiday in Türkiye

Türkiye; It is a tourism paradise with its unique geographical location, rich transportation network, comfortable accommodation opportunities, successful service sector, natural beauties and ancient cultural heritage. Every city in Türkiye awaits its guests with its countless beauties. Moreover, Turkish people are famous for their hospitality, so you will feel right at home in Türkiye. Along with all these, Türkiye is also a leading country in health tourism due to the numerous advantages we have listed above. Since every step of your treatment process will be planned by us, you will definitely have enough time to enjoy this beautiful country. Moreover, having a wonderful holiday in Türkiye with the budget you allocate for plastic surgery will be a very advantageous choice in terms of both time and budget.

Invictus Health Advisor plans your transportation, accommodation and treatment process free of charge

You are interested in having plastic surgery in Türkiye, but you may not know how to do it or you may not have the courage. Concerns such as finding the right clinic or choosing the right doctor among so many options may worry you. We understand your concern. As Invictus Health Advisor, we are committed to making the most accurate plan for you, putting an end to all your worries at this point. We plan all confusing tasks such as transportation, accommodation, and treatment process for you, free of charge, with the assurance of Invictus. Moreover, you can perform all these services in your own language; We offer consultancy services in your own language. All you have to do is enjoy the aesthetic appearance you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t you think this is a great opportunity?

Don’t postpone your dreams any longer. Change begins when you dare. Say yes to change!

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